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While on a development retreat in Malaysia, Simão gathered many insights that led him to found SLDesign, which focuses on brand strategy/production and business development. Simão is particularly passionate about working with coaches, trainers and speakers, athletes, fitness centres, nutrition/clothing brands and personal trainers. Having seen the importance of branding firsthand during his career, Simão decided to dedicate his efforts towards helping businesses in the Speakers / fitness space to build brand credibility, professional alignment and to carve out a memorable persona with their target market. His firm belief in the importance of building and cultivating relationships in business has helped him to continue growing and evolving his business.

Key achievements to date:

– Worked alongside Australia’s best bodybuilder in a global capacity to launch, position himself and create recognition for bodybuilding in Australia.
– Branded a podcast run by female entrepreneurs aimed at creating and growing thriving business in the Middle East.
– Collaborated with a bullying prevention/education charity who has now launched globally, helping the organisation to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in fundraising money.

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